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The Oasis of Futurity

A Shrine to the late-lamented Amanda McKittrick Ros

Amanda McKittrick Ros was the writer of three peerless romantic novels as well as dozens of singular works of verse. Acclaimed in her lifetime by such notables as D. B. Wyndham Lewis, Mark Twain, James Agate, Aldous Huxley and Anthony Powell, she is nowadays largely forgotten.

These few pages are dedicated to her life and works, with the fervent wish that she be restored post-haste to her rightful place in the literary canon. has an excerpt from a new book about Amanda.

Amanda was celebrated at a literary festival on September 26, 2006 in Belfast.

I have added a page on which you can see the three woodcut illustrations made by W M R Quick for the 1926 Nonesuch edition of Irene Iddesleigh.

Amanda's books tend to be expensive to obtain: with that in mind I have prepared a pauper's guide to collecting her works.

If any follower of the trade of critic should ever read these pages, let him learn what happened to Donald Dudley, the Bastard Critic, and shudder trepidatiously.

You may read a letter in Amanda's hand to a man who had ordered a copy of Irene Iddesleigh.

With or without trousers? That rare volume St. Scandalbags unveils the naked truth.

When you are done warming yourself at this well-groomed grate, then with dry trousers proceed to learn of Amanda's struggling ascent over the Rocks of Regard, the multitude of her ornaments on the Shelf of Classic, and other Matters Miscellaneous.

Visitor quotes: "A cornucopia of corn" - Christopher Edwards, bookseller.