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I recently discovered Charlotte Bach thanks to Francis Wheen's book about her.

A Professor in Applied Linguistics believes he has decoded a few words from the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, a 600-year old work that has baffled scholars for the last hundred years.

Ann Morgan's Love is a verse depiction of Victorian poet Arthur Munby's own secre

A perennial favourite for its title and cover.

Of all the books reviewed on the site, here's my personal Top Ten Weirdest. You won't find these on any bestseller list.

Xinn Lin writes poetry inspired by her own six-toedness.

Yes, that's what I said, Dinosaur porn. Read all about it.

Despite its title The Magical Penis: Knowledge Is Power and Education Is the Key to Success appears to be a rant about terminology, speci

Horny Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden: Rise Of The Ghost