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Is this book notable or noxious? Read my review and get the inside dope

I Was a Cannibal

Bro. Yhugm, Rev. W. V. Grant
Grant's Faith Clinic
In the section labelled

I Was a CannibalBrother Yhugm's tale is an exciting one. Escaping from a life of primitive savagery, he came to the USA and found Jesus. Who could fail to be moved by such an astonishing and true story?

That his name is spelled one way on the cover and a different way inside (Yungm) has surely no bearing on the credibility of the content. It's a funny foreign name and easy to get wrong. A mistake anyone could make, even a man of God. No one should doubt what he says, even when it seems a little bizarre:

Clothing is not used in the, place from where I come. We only use hides from animals; tigers, lions, etc. We also get our food from those animals. One eats the raw meat from these animals—not cooked. Eating raw meat is what makes my people very strong.

Sometimes the people get very fat. Many cannot run because they are very fat. But they are very strong.

They can conquer an animal with their bare hands, be it a lion or a tiger. But it is not all of them that can do this. The majority of them have the ability to run faster than a horse. The older ones are the ones who can do this.

Just because no one else has reported the existence of tigers in the jungles of South America is no reason to pooh-pooh what he (via the estimable Reverend Grant) tells us. There must be tigers, otherwise how could the following episode have happened:

Once when I was travelling among the mountains, a tiger came at me. But what was really good about this is, we were both babies. The tiger was just a small babe, and I was small also. I was able to conquer him. He only scratched me about three times. I strangled him with all my heart and might. My father was very happy when I got home with it on my shoulders. It was the first time I had ever done that. My father hugged me and carried me all over. He took very good care of me. I was the baby of all. Through that incident, I was encouraged to continue hunting in this way.

I would go all by myself among the mountains. I would meet all sorts of animals there. I would also come in front of the plants that would devour people. These plants can eat a lion or a tiger. The plants have leaves spreading around. If you fall in there, it can get a hold of you, and it wraps you and takes you into the middle. Some prongs are stuck in you and the blood is sucked out of you. When you fall in there, only the bones are left. Where you see these plants,

you see different kinds of bones of different animals. Someone who didn't know about this would think that some animal had just died there. There are several of these plants.

Plants that can eat a lion or tiger! Gosh, this is gripping stuff, isn't it? There's lot of carnivorousness to this part of his story, not all of it very nice:

The people where I am from, eat people. They take a white person, tie and bind him, and kill him. Then they cut off his head and start eating him, all of him, until they finish him completely, even the bones.

Unhappily, one day while out in the jungle the young Yhugm falls into the hands of evil slavers. He escapes from their boat but finds himself lost out on the ocean, floating on a life-raft. Eventually he lands in El Salvador where after a period hiding out in the mountains he is taken in by a family who teach him Spanish. He starts taking an interest in Christianity and decides he must travel to the US.

When he finally reaches the Land of the Free, some tiresome immigration officials want to know who he is and where he has come from. He fobs them off by making constant references to Jesus, and somehow avoids being deported. One can't help feeling that the US border police were a tad lackadaisical in this case. Tut, tut.

It is not long before Yhugm comes upon the Pentecostalists and the remarkable Brother Grant. An ignorant person might consider that being a Christian preacher is nothing like as fun as eating white men or strangling tigers, but Yhugm knows otherwise:

One night I saw Evangelist, W. V. Grant, from Dallas, Texas, under a heavy anointing of God's spirit. The blind saw; the lame walked; the deaf heard. I thought, "This is a ministry like Jesus had." Scores of people came forward seeking God. They were filled with the Spirit. I said, "This is beautiful. This is what I want and have been hungry for all my life."

A happy ending to an extraordinary tale, one I am sure you will agree is equally persuasive throughout.

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Submitted by Tonya T Jones (not verified) on 27 Oct 2023 - 15:52 Permalink

I heard him speak at my church in Austell Georgia, USA. In early 80's...he was wonderful. Could I get a copy of this book?

Submitted by Bob Bateman (not verified) on 22 Jul 2018 - 07:29 Permalink

I met Brother Yhugm in Los Angeles in 1968 when he came to speak to Spirit-filled Youth in Monteray Park. I have this same old book you are offering. My fondest memory of this remarkable man was when I took him to DISNEYLAND there! I remember we were walking down that Main Street when turned to Brother Yhugm and asked him, "Brother Yhugm, how do you like Disneyland?" and he said to me, "Very nice, Brother Bob"! I would like to know if he is still living in 2018 -- or the date he died. Oh praise Jesus! What a POWERFUL testimony he had! I have one also. Jesus can do even the impossible! I am His loving singer for 54 years as of November 1, 2018. I plan to travel the world and sing for our Lord! Oh, I have an opera-like voice, tenor, with the Baptism in the Holy Ghost! You can call me: 208-342-4889. Love, Brother Bob

Submitted by Jamie guzman (not verified) on 10 May 2019 - 08:21 Permalink

how much is the book worth

Submitted by Alfred Armstrong on 10 May 2019 - 10:10 Permalink

Hi Jamie,

It's hard to say as it's quite uncommon and not widely collected either so the market hasn't established a price. If you want to sell a copy, put it on ebay and see what you get. Or you might try asking my friend Donna Kossy at Book Happy Books as she deals in similar items.

Cheers, Alfred

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on 12 Jul 2017 - 05:35 Permalink

His Story is real.(been documented and researched) His name IS really Yhugm. (NOT given to him by others)

Submitted by Rev. Anony Moose (not verified) on 02 Jun 2017 - 14:52 Permalink

One last comment. To those who may be critical or wonder why I am so severe on Yhumg's words of knowledge as well as others! First let me explain that I STRONGLY believe in all nine gifts of the Spirit for the Church as found in 1 Cor.12-14 for this day and age!
I have severe trouble with Yhumg or anyone else claiming that God showed him you have a heart condition and you don't! And then turn around and says, "it may be for something down the road" or it is for something down the road" I have some severe troubles!
For one we are commanded in 1 Thess.5:19-22 to "prove all things!". In 1 Cor.14:29 we are to let someone judge! I John 4:1-3 we are to try the spirits.
In Deut.18:18-22 a prophets words must come to pass! If it doesn't it is NOT of God! For God doesn't lie(Num.23:19), God CANNOT lie(Titus 1:2), and it is impossible for God to lie(Heb.6:18)!
And Yhumg isn't the only one to have done this. There was a man on radio once with a call-in broadcast who was praying with a lady about her unsavex husband and started to pray for his drinking problem! The lady interrupted and said, " My husband doesn't have a drinking problem!". To which the man replied, "Oh it is for something down the road!"
Well Yhumg might label me one of those people who have "a tongue 40 foot long!". By the way that was one of the things I actually liked about his preaching by the way!
I won't point out any of my other troubles with Yhumg. The only other I will ask is ," is Yhumg his real name or is it a name some others gave him?".
I have wondered because if you take the h and g out of his name you get "Yum" which to me sounds like someone's sick sense of humor to name a one-time cannibal!
This will be my FINAL posting for this spot. So if anyone has any comments, criticisms, or questions I won't be answering them. I have more important things to be concerned with than Yhumg!

Submitted by Rev. Anony Moose (not verified) on 31 May 2017 - 19:47 Permalink

I have actually met Yhumg. I confess that while he preached good I was not impressed with him because of all of the Word of Knowledges he gave out. Sometimes he would tell people that they had a heart problem. And when they act hesitant he would say something like, "this is for something down the road!"
I am not impressed with things like that. If God reveals some one has a heart problem they should be having a heart problem and that now! I am not impressed with these "down the road" people and more than severily question them!
So I am not fan of Yhumg. Though I have met him and heard him preach so many years ago somewhere in this great nation(the USA)!
Anyway for the person who says that W. V. Grant went to prison in 1996. It is not the same W. V. Grant who wrote that book in 1960. The one who wrote the book in 1960 is the father of the one who went to prison. The one who wrote the book passed away in 1983!
About Hell. It is real and the vast majority of the world is going there(Matt.7:13&14; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 16:19-31; Rev. 21:8). You need to repent of your sins(Luke 13:1-5; Acts 3:19; Acts 17:30) and recieve Jesus as Savior and Lord today(John 1:12; John 3:16; Rev.3:20; Rom.10:9&10) today and stop letting hypocrites stand in your way. For read all of Matt.23! The hypocrites will surely be in Hell too!

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on 30 Jun 2017 - 07:28 Permalink

when/where is the last time you heard him preach, I am interested in observing his message.

Submitted by Rev. Anony Moose (not verified) on 20 Jul 2017 - 23:36 Permalink

It has been years since I have heard him preach. And personally I am not interested in hearing him again because of the very things that I observed while listening to him.
My MAIN reason for even saying anything about him was because of what was being said about evangelist W. V. Grant and may I add SR. While never meeting Bro. Grant(and I unapologetically call him brother!) I do know at least one if not more who have.
I asked a certain preacher if he still has a copy of the book "I WAS A CANNIBAL." I looked through his library with full permission and full understanding that I could have it if I found it. No success. I remember when this pastor friend of mine did have it but it was way back around 1987 or 88!
I had rather not say what exact year I heard him preach due to the fact he may remember me! If I didn't say earlier in the other writings I way say hear. But I will say it was before 1987!
Back to the preacher who owned the book. He KNEW the late W. V. Grant Sr. And yes he speaks well of him and thought he was a good man. And the way I understand pretty well to the end. I don't like people slandering good men! Especially when they are not around to defend themselves!
It was his son that went to prison! Not the dad! I have been in the ministry for over 30 years and have seen good men have sons who were devils! So please don't accuse the late W. V. Grant of being in prison for tax evasion when IT WAS TOTALLY 100% impossible!
He went to Heaven in 1983! It is impossible for a man dead to do a crime!
Concerning any troubles that he may have had with Yhumg. I have been in the ministry long enough to see troubles between preachers who were otherwise good men. Though from what I know of the Dad Grant and what I know of Yhumg I confess I will side with the late W. V. Grant first!
Be as it may we are in an hour of deception(read all of Matt.24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Plus read II Tim.3:1-4:5). Hey I am not above being deceived myself(see I Cor.10:12; Gal.6:1&2). I remember when the late John Todd came out with those stories about being a member of the Illuminati Council of 13 and the various attacks on so-called Christian leaders I actually believed him. That is until some people found out some of the stuff that he had lied about! And it became obvious he was false.
I understand there are some people who still think John Todd was for real to this date!
I am still very skeptical of Yhumg. And let's face it. Even if his story of being saved out of cannibalism turns out to be true. I have seen men who started out real good fall away(I am extremely anti-eternal securitist!) Pride(Prov.16:18&19; Dan.4; Luke 18:9-14), love of money(Luke 12:13-21; I Tim.6:10) and many other things have caused men to fall away.
Let me say this. Until two days ago I was actually defending a certain preacher which I choose not to name. I had heard some horrible accusations against him. I really believed he was 100% innocent. But no more!
If you want to hear Yhumg that is between you and God. Maybe he'll tell "about those people with tongues forty foot long!" Who knows. Maybe he will tell you that you have some disease that you don't have! Maybe he will tell you about a friend or loved one who isn't saved needs to be delivered from alcohol(though they never have touched a drop of it in their lives!)
Maybe I should go hear him! Maybe he will tell me that my wife is going to be healed! WOW! That would be something! I am not married right now even! Maybe when he says, "it is for something down the road" I ought to rejoice! For he sees me getting married again!
Well whether he was really ever a cannibal or not is not my concern though I am still skeptical of that! I still until I get further proof otherwise plan to stick with my assumption that he was called "Yhumg" because of the word "yum"! However even if proved true is not going to change my mind!
Paul warned the Galatians about they, "did run well but who hindered you that ye should not obey the truth."(Gal.5:7)!
Well it is your choose and do whatever you want. If you want to see and hear Yhumg preach that is your business. I used to go around checking different preachers out. And while I still do I have pretty well learned at my age if there is enough reason for me to doubt that person whether because of moral issues or false doctrine I pretty well stay away. I got more important things to accomplish!

Submitted by Nicholas (not verified) on 06 Feb 2017 - 11:10 Permalink

I live in Tennessee and i met Yhumg about 2 years ago. To this day i still work with him every day. if you have any questions about his story, or anything you would like me to ask him feel free to contact me at I would be glad to ask him!!

Submitted by ray maxberry (not verified) on 10 Aug 2015 - 21:51 Permalink

one of the most holy men of God I ever knew, miss you brother yhugm, if you can call brother ray when you can 219 776 2580. brother yhugm stayed with me a lot in my home when he was in northwest Indiana, so great love, so great knowledge of the Bible, praise God for this dear brother

Submitted by SomethingBetter (not verified) on 03 Apr 2014 - 03:55 Permalink

A corrected version of his Biography can be found at and is called, "YHUGM; The Last Survivor of His Tribe." Yhugm asked someone else to re-write his biography and correct the story so his life story could be recorded with 100% accuracy (such as discussing "jaguars", not "tigers", etc). The second book is far more accurate and more interesting and about 3 times longer and goes into more about who he is as a person, not just the sensational stories. Check it out. You can also hear Yhugm tell his story in his own words in a video at that sight as well.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Sep 2013 - 06:12 Permalink

Hey my apologies after posting the above Brother Yhugm corrected me and he said the immigration sent him to Lydia Patterson Institute and that was the first place he was associated with and they wanted to teach him how to read but because he had no money they had to release him. -In 1965 was when immigration first caught up with him.

And he says "i've never found Jesus; Jesus found me in the Jungle"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Sep 2013 - 04:49 Permalink

I know Brother Yhugm personally and have since I've been a child. I am now a missionary licensed and ordained. I know his story is true but I tell you how this book by W.V.Grant explains Bro. Yhugm's story is indeed evagelasticcccc, full of deceit, and utter lies he has had another book out for some time that is legitimate.
I have not read this book only the above in red. Bro Yhugm can not read nor write and didn't even know this was up here until he asked me to search it for him on internet.
I've read some of the above to him and he has said to me "no that is not true I've never said that" "There are no plants that big" "i don't know where in the world they have plants like that" "no only Jaguar, anacondas, big pythons 30ft long, or Boa constrictor; there are no tigers or lions there" "the land is flat no mountains" " I was in the amazon" - in reference to everything above. "No i first went to Assembly Of God church close to Lovelland, Tx with Brother Gibson"

ONLY THE BELOW IS ACCURATE out of the above context:
Unhappily, one day while out in the jungle the young Yhugm falls into the hands of evil slavers. He escapes from their boat but finds himself lost out on the ocean, floating on a life-raft. Eventually he lands in El Salvador where after a period hiding out in the mountains he is taken in by a family who teach him Spanish. He starts taking an interest in Christianity and decides he must travel to the US.

"No they did not teach me Spanish" "I have a hard time with their language"

When he finally reaches the Land of the Free, some tiresome immigration officials want to know who he is and where he has come from.

I wish I could write out his story on here it is just tooo much I can only tell his story is real and true but these people are only trying to make themselves look good and as Bro. Yhugm has just said to me "they completely twisted my story".

So I'm sorry you all had to see the above book.
I met this man of God when I was 10yrs and am now 22yrs old and have heard his story many times and none of the above has he ever mentioned not once.

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on 30 Jun 2017 - 07:29 Permalink

hello anonymous, I would love to know more about your history with Bro. Yhugm, I am a relative of his researching my family. please contact me if you would. thank you.