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More fun with science

If you enjoy quack science as much as I do, you'll appreciate Science Conspiracy Website 4. It's not actually a website, it's a book, though one that looks like it's been written using horrible old HTML 3 authoring software. P. S. J. (Peet) Schutte is very annoyed that academics ignore him. It's hard to understand why when he argues so coherently that gravity is a hoax:

If Newton was that much correct in all his surmising as those in Mainstream Physics pretend it is and was correct all this time since Isaac Newton introduced the concept of gravity being a force of attraction, it then must be possible that we should be able to use this force of attraction as a calculation standard in a way that we could predict the future. We should be able to calculate when the Moon and the Earth will destruct in a spectacle. This will be when this Newtonian gravitational force of attraction is going to bring planets together by the force of gravity through the intervention of mass. By applying Newton, it then would be simple to calculate the time measured in millions that we have left to live on Earth and it could be measured in the number of millennia that there is left in the future. We could calculate how long it will be until such time as that the Earth and Moon are to collide and destroy all forms of life.

Quoted from, another website that's also a book, this one downloadable for free should you wish for more of the same.


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