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Books by Webster Edgerly

Title Year
A study of the unseen powers that control human life 1908
Advanced Magnetism 1906
Book of the mind and thought society 1911
Book of the psychic society 1907
Brain tests 1924
Child life 1897
Complete membership in the Ralston health club 1892
Cultivation of the chest 1895
Edgerly natural reader 1912
Future seeing and destiny 1912
General membership of the Ralston health club 1894
Higher magnetism
How to make personality pay
Immortality 1898
Lessons in artistic deep breathing for strengthening the voice 1888
Lessons in emphasis 1893
Lessons in grace 1889
Lessons in the art of extemporaneous speaking 1889
Lessons in the art of facial expression 1889
Lessons in the art of ventriloquism. 1891
Lessons in the mechanics of personal magnetism 1888
Lessons in voice culture 1891
Lessons on acting 1889
Life building method of the Ralston health club
Life Electricity
Life's secrets revealed
Mental magnetism 1924
One hundred lessons in punctuation 1893
One hundred points of character 1892
Personal magnetism
Ralston gardens 1900
Ralston's simplified physiology 1892
Real life, when things are right 1903
Right 1923
Sex magnetism 1910
Shaftesbury's secrets
Solution of life 1916
The Adam-man tongue 1903
The authority dictionary 1891
The book of books 1897
The combination book of the Ralston health club 1898
The goal of creation 1920
The greatest things in human life 1915
The natural reader 1891
The new education 1900
The origin of man 1925
The other mind 1909
The Ralston brain regime 1891
The Ralston health club 1893
The Shaftesbury recitations 1889
The Shaftesbury school of philosophy 1890
The two hundred year club 1893
The two sexes 1898
Transference of thought 1896
Universal magnetism 1924
Yourself behind closed doors