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Is this book first-rate or feeble? Read my review and get the inside dope

Targeted Individuals, Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons

Untouched Torture, Misshape Human Body, Nano Psychotronics Weapons
Phiem Nguyen
Edition / Year
In the section labelled

Phiem Nguyen, a Vietnamese woman now living in the US, believed herself to be under attack from government forces using sophisticated weaponry:

I was under Mind Control to destroy my life after the homicide in January 1980. From that day until now I was under humiliated my human dignity, abusive, harm my health, murdered, untouched torture, high-tech raped, high-tech murdered, damaged my woman body, degraded my beauty, attempted changed my woman body and attempted to change my brain and my clans [sic] into gay, lesbian with their NanoMicrochips implanted the remote, then they attempted to change me into man, abuse and humiliate mental creation day and night, invaded my subconscious during the time I was sleeping, got in my house and into my bed room did what they wanted during the time I was sleeping, isolation trend and deprive life on any aspect life.

Technology was developed as my age get along side from grown up until today.

Non-lethal weapons, Mind Control Criminal Psychotronics Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons since I was 18 year old until today this trend spread over this planet. This is totally amoral Science and unethical Medical was perfectly developed which carried out secretly by governments to torture citizens in its countries. The victims without knowledge high-technology was using on them, it was described to them as wonder weapons. Reader please visit this site to understand completely this ill science.

They are so powerful to do everything they wanted and zipped it in and do not tolerate it to be known by others, by public. This is so terrible!!!!

They sabotaged this file, they heck [sic] in my computer to mess it up, I have to rearranging it many times, it looks like Cinderella.

Those villainous computer heckers have also excluded from the Wayback Machine, but happily there's a post on Reddit which reveals it was a site dedicated to supposed mind control technology. A complete archive, should you need one, can be found at

Remember: this was do-able in 1974|
How silent hypnosis can be transmitted using a voice frequency modulator then pulsed microwave voice to skull.

Phiem Nguyen's evidence for the attacks on her is a series of diary entries recording the symptoms she experienced, illustrated by photographs which doubtless capture some aspect of the weapons at work but to the untutored eye look just like random blurry images of herself and her environment. However, there are hundreds of such photographs in this book and I have not studied them all with care, so who is to say there is not something sinister lurking in the corner of one of them?


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Submitted by FrancoisTremblay (not verified) on 07 Mar 2023 - 10:44 Permalink

They sure love that covert mind control. It explains everything!