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Something else for you all to consider is that there is a very crystal clear description of Nuclear War at the end of the tribulation contained in the book of II Esdras (i.e. the Apocalypse Ezra) which was considered Inspired Scripture by the entire Church for 1500 years before it was removed by the Protestants and was contained in the KJV for 200 years before they removed it and it is referenced several times by the New Testament including by Y'shua. It is the book that called him the Son of God which, then, influenced many people in Israel to consider that the Messiah was going to be the Son of God. The Vision of the Man from the Sea is referring to theReturn and the Vision of the Eagle from the Sea is describing the rise and fall of America before the Return.

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Actually, the passage probably referrs to covering over food with lead to keep it safe from radioactivity - ephah being the chief measure for commerce in the Bible.
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He makes a good point about names. Everyone today associates with a name. School kids associate with names like 'punk', 'emo', and 'nerd'. Religions, of course, have their own names for their members. A country's citizens usually associate themselves with the name of their country. In almost every part of society, people associate with a name because just a name can describe a person almost completely. If what Nelson speaks is true, what name will you choose for yourself?