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The Ensign

James Campbell Bell
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James Campbell Bell, the salvation of the Daughter of Zion, counts numbers.

In this single sentence, which appears alone on a page before the main body of the text like a dedication, James Campbell Bell gives a perfect precis of what follows: a grandiose flowering in which his religious mania is bolstered by numerology. 

A distance of 119 numbers from a number is the run of that number, as is a distance of -- times 119.

A distance of 833 numbers from a number is the run of that number, as is a distance of -- times 833.

A distance of 2023 numbers from a number is the run of that number, as is a distance of -- times 2023.

Bell calls himself "the runner", as being the one who identifies "runs" like those listed here. The seed numbers for these runs are obtained using simple numerology from passages of text taken largely from the Bible and events of his own life. by taking all the Roman numerals in the text and adding them together. Thus "the captivity of Israel" = C + I + V + I + I + L = 100 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 50 = 158. Having got his numbers, he is able to make significant connections.

97 has a run in Saturday, 6th April, as Friday, 5th April, to Sabbath-day, 7th, when Jesus and Thomas were in company the Sabbath succeeding that of the Resurrection. 

The decease of Patrick Hunter Thoms, of the tribe of Ephraim, at Crescent House, Dundee, on Saturday, 17th June 1882, is the run of this year of the decease, it being 7475 times 119 apart from 6761. 

A run of 97 is in 10,450, Saturday, 23d January 1813, when the death took place in Dundee of Samuel Bell, architect there. 

In the series of 692, being 667 to 717, was the birth of Methuselah, the son of Enoch, whose life reached to 1656. In the end series, 1670 to 1737, were the births of Salah and Eber, 

Amidst all the scriptural analysis we learn that Bell was born on the 4th April, 1822, that his father, Thomas, was born in 1773 and lived to the age of 56, and that his mother died on the 30th January, 1870. Barbara and John Bell are also mentioned, apparently his brother and sister.

The runner put into the post-office in Edinburgh a missive, which he wrote on Monday, 4th March, for Archibald Macphail, Rosdhow Lodge, near Luss village, Dumbartonshire, giving him the address in Victoria of his brother, Donal Macphail, as at post-office, Korong. 

Bell as well as being "the runner", is also, we are told, "the ensign" of the title, "a Jew", "of Israel", "the king's son" and "of the Free Protesting Church of Scotland". He "opens seals" and:

The middle of Bell James Campbell is the middle of Palestine and of Jerusalem; and is the initial of Syria, of Salem, of Samaria, of Sodom, and of sisters, It is the middle of the seventeen letters, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. 

The middle of the seventeen letters, Salem, Samaria, Sodom, is the middle letter of Samaria, and the initial of Ariel, the middle of which is the one-lettered word I, the initial of Isaac and of Israel, ‘The first letter of the alphabet, which is three tines in Abraham and in Samaria, is the middle of either of these, 

The middle of the twenty one letters, Jerusalem, Samaria, Sodom, is the initial letter of Adam, and of Abraham, and of Ariel.


Unlike more conventional works of numerology Bell's work does not promise to reveal your fate nor the names of horse-race winners. Its only purpose seems to be to demonstrate the occult significance of James Campbell Bell, saviour of the Daughter of Zion, opener of seals, correspondent of Archie Macphail.

James Campbell Bell is greater than John the Baptist  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  2302

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