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Ralston Day

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"The first Tuesday of every month is named as Ralston Day, and on this day all persons are requested to eat only the purest food, drink only pure water, cultivate cheerfulness, exercise liberally, and, if the day is pleasant, to spend not less than one hour in the pure air. By so doing it is hoped that the better health which follows may lead to a higher plane of happiness and usefulness in life."
-- from Ralston Gardens.

Ralston Day is the special day of the Ralstonites, to be spent in relaxing pursuits including listening to Ralston music and playing games that are not "rough, violent, coarse or cheap". I haven't yet been able to obtain the book Ralston Culture which apparently provides the scores for the Ralston music, but I do know that it includes a minuet, so I have included one by C.P.E. Bach to accompany this page, which you may be able to hear tinkling pleasantly in the background.

"Every clergyman should announce the day from the pulpit. This is done now by hundreds of pastors of all denominations. Every editor of a weekly paper should likewise announce it."

Should not every day be a Ralston Day?



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Submitted by Jill (not verified) on 02 Mar 2013 - 19:40 Permalink

I plan on living dangerously this Ralston Day by eating watermelon. I plan to counterbalance the potentially lethal effects of the watermelon (I am of a light pinkish complexion) by walking on the balls of my feet while making graceful, sweeping hand gestures.